Top 6 Fruits to Reduce Weight Quickly

A great way to live a disease free life is to eat 5 potions of veggies and fruits on a daily basis. For example, one medium size apple would constitute one portion of fruit. Let us have a quick overview on which fruits to eat for losing weight quickly and effectively instead of simply relying on pastillas naturales para adelgazar. Apart from weight loss, fruits have immense benefits due to being natural super foods – it keeps the hunger pangs at bay, contains natural sugar and are high in fibre content.

Some of the superfoods for weight loss has been highlighted below:

1> Water melon:

The reason is only 30 calories are contained in 100 gms of this fruit (contains 90% water). You can reduce your habit of eating unhealthy snacks as watermelons keeps you feeling full and hydrated. The fat is also burned through its amino acids (arginine).

2> Apple:

It is hard to believe that this medium sized fruit can beat constipation, diarrhea, boost the immune system, make the teeth whiter, keep the heart healthy as well as also reduce the risk of cancer. In your dietary repertoire, you need an apple if you are in a weight loss diet. A medium sized apple does not contain any sodium or fat and has less than 50 calories. Research studies have pointed out that women who eat an apple before their meals have reported a weight loss of upto one third of their body weight after a period of a year!

3> Guava:

Guava has immense health benefits and it originated in Portugal. If you are concerned about como perder peso rapido, note that this fruit is perfect for diabetic people, keeps the glycemic index low which helps in and also has high fibre content. Apart from assisting in the process of weight loss, it would keep your bowel movements prim.

4> Pear:

This is great for your digestive system and fulfils one quarter of your daily requirement of fibre. It reduces Type 2 diabetes, risk of coronary heart diseases and level of cholesterol. It is also rich in Vitamin C and packs a mean punch which helps in satiated for an extended length of time.fruits for weight loss

5> Banana:

This is a perfect post workout food, an excellent source of energy and packs in 105 calories per piece. Compared to chocolate bars and energy bars, banana is a lot healthier post workout snack. It beats constipation, prevents acidity, keeps the blood pressure in check, beats muscle cramps and of course, reduces excess weight. For reducing even more weight, check out this Spanish website which provides exquisite detail on a popular diet pill – comprar Garcinia Cambogia.

6> Tomatoes:

In your battle with weight loss, tomato is a kind of a Godsend. They retain water, are filled with anti-oxidants and delicious to eat. It also stops the body from losing excess weight with the help of its ‘leptin‘. However, remember that tomato ketchup is not actually ‘tomato’ as it is filled with sugar and synthetic stuffs.